I don't think Janice and Simmone have any idea how much your calming yet demanding approach has impacted my mom and our family. Mom definately feels comfortable with both of you and the amazing service that my mom is receiving. Simone even made her stay up til midnight on new years eve. Mom is used to getting her way and we started telling her she was turning into her mother. So its nice to see that she allows Simmone to put her in her place (meant in a good way). Thank you so much for taking such good care of her. Not only has it helped her physically (which is apparent with the doctors visits) but also emotionally with the tranisition of living without Dad. You have enabled her to experience her independence and morn my dad in the comforts of her own home, for that we are forever in debt to you. I only wish we found you and implemented a plan sooner, perhaps dad would have had a few more years left in him :) Wishing you an amazing new year.

- Wendy (Wappingers Falls, NY)


I went to JanCare Professional Nursing Services after I was involved in an accident, and the care I received was exceptional! Their round the clock service helped me to rehabilitate. I received nutritious meals, and someone to assist me with communicating with my doctor. If you want exceptional private care, than I sincerely recommend JanCare.
 - Moore (Sommers, NY)

I've always believe in private care in addition to my routine medical care, and after my second surgery I wanted around the clock care so I would have no trouble getting back to regular activities. JanCare stepped in and provided excellent and honest care. JanCare met all my needs, shopped for me, prepared my food, picked up my prescriptions, provided a comfortable exercise plan. I truly owe my remarkable quick recovery to the staff at JanCare Professional Services.
- Janet (Pelham, NY)

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